AI Project Manager (f/m/d)

Who we are

We at NEWNOW believe the best decisions are made when humans and machines work together. We are a decision technology company, on a mission to make AI more accessible to business decision makers. We build AI-powered Decision Cockpits that are easy to use and let business managers combine AI insights with domain experience to generate fast ROI.

The Role

You will be one of the first key hires in a fast-growing start-up company and get to shape our growth trajectory together with the founding team of successful entrepreneurs and investors. This will enable you to expand your own entrepreneurial skillset and network.

  • As a Solution Manager you will work under the guidance of experienced colleagues, playing a key role in driving the delivery of client solutions, and helping your Project Leader with client communication, work planning, and team management.
  • You and your colleagues will regularly interact with the client to understand and clarify the client needs and assist in solving their strategic and operational issues. For that, you will work with and partly manage a team of experts of data scientist and machine learning engineers.
  • You will also significantly contribute to the shaping and scaling of our start-up business, which entails working on sales and recruiting activities or co-defining a communications strategy.

“What’s cool about NEWNOW is the noticeable urgency within the team. We all understand the importance of building powerful products at speed and this energy is reflected in the way in which we work together. We’re not afraid to share our opinions, or to make mistakes and we’re constantly learning from each challenge we overcome. I also love the retreats! It’s great to be able to get together in a beautiful spot in Europe every quarter – certainly beats an office…”
"The fast-paced and agile environment that we foster at NEWNOW is perfect for accelerating my learning. We as colleagues trust each other and take responsibility to grow intellectually whilst working with high profile clients to deliver outstanding AI projects. The flexibility and ownership that we have at NEWNOW empowers us to grow constantly, at our own pace."
"I am constantly inspired by the motivating and intellectually stimulating environment that we operate in at NEWNOW. Building cutting-edge Machine Learning solutions and regularly communicating with experienced senior executives pushes me to grow at a great pace."
"NEWNOW has a unique and motivating work culture. I really value the flexibility that remote working allows, and I also enjoy the social environment that we cultivate every day. Personal development and knowledge sharing is very important to us, and we are constantly helping each other to grow in different ways. It's great how we always encourage each other to challenge ideas. All opinions are respected at NEWNOW and it makes for a fun working environment."
"NEWNOW is a place where everyone’s opinion is heard and valued and despite the remote-first nature of the company I never feel disconnected from the rest of the team. For all the challenges that we face, work or non-work related, there’s always somebody there that will support us."
"To me, it is important that we design NEWNOW together as a team – what we value, how we work and how we want to scale. The team we are building is truly exceptional and NEWNOW should always be a great place for us to grow, while allowing for the flexibility to fit into our individual lives beyond work. I love that we are testing different ideas on how to work together effectively, both remotely and in-person, I think this is the future of knowledge work. And on a less serious note, we have a lot of fun together (take our meme channel as proof...)”

What You'll Do

Develop and Deliver Client Solutions

  • Support client communication, work planning, and team management
  • Take responsibility for assigned work streams, identify relevant tools and sources, steer analysis to create powerful insights, while ensuring high quality of work
  • Work with and partly manage a team of experts, from data scientists and machine learning engineers to successful entrepreneurs.
  • Effectively structure communication of data, knowledge and insights to the entire team. Co-Create and deliver high-quality presentations.
  • Translate data into meaningful insights; Brainstorm to understand and resolve problems; Generate answers and recommend actionable solutions.

Lead client communication and engagement, maintain and develop client relationships

  • Be one of the clients’ main points of contact, maintaining and improving the client relationship
  • Understand client needs and situations, assist in solving strategic and operational issues.
  • Effectively manage client and team meetings, deliver clear and professional presentations to the project leadership and client team
  • Show ability to work in a fast-paced working environment; adapt to changing client situations and expectations

Shape and Scale the Company

  • Significantly contribute to the shaping and scaling of our start-up business and directly support the founding team
  • Responsibilities can range from support in managing sales and recruiting activities or co-defining a communications strategy
  • Help us build up internal processes and structures required for keeping up with our growth momentum
  • Work on sales pitches to new clients

Grow as a person and as part of New Now

  • Consistently seek and provide responsible feedback in all interactions
  • Recognize different skills and development needs in oneself

What You'll Bring

  • Possess 1-3 years of experience in top tier strategy consulting, or a high-performance environment like a start-up, or venture capital firm (minimum 6 months of relevant internships will count)
  • Top of your class at a renowned university in business administration, data science, AI, engineering management or similar
  • Experience in working in teams and interacting and managing colleagues and guiding client counterparts
  • Possess strong communication and team skills, with ability to multi-task 
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity, and develop approaches to tackle small tasks independently 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for impact
  • Experience in data & analytics, languages like Python/R and any visualisation tools are a plus 
  • Willingness to work remotely in time zones CET +/- 2h
  • Fluent in English (Fluency in German is a plus)
  • Willingness to travel on occasions (to our quarterly team retreats and optional co-working weeks in between)